Roger “The Dean of the University”. 21/4/15

“Science for Artists 1#”

I found this lecture very interesting but mind-boggling, Roger certainly knew how to start a lecture off – he popped something out of a cup, like a small explosion, everyone giggled and were enticed to the science already.

I loved the presentation of the lecture, the background was space and every click he made it moved to another part of space with the next topic, it certainly kept the whole presentation experience alive, not to mention the visuals were bright and vibrant behind a black background, just how I like visuals! He stated that in the lecture that he’ll be discussing “Mostly about size, the electro-magnetic spectrum, elementary particles and the Big Bang” – I can’t say I absorbed or wrote about the lecture much due to it being full of overwhelming meanings and words, however I feel I will learn more in the next few lectures onwards about Science and Art.

He shown us loads of different pictures of space inwhich one really captured my eye – “the Nebula”, the Nebula is just this beautiful form of gases and stars, its now often put on clothing because its so beautiful. I can’t say I was inspired by it but I certainly loved its beauty. He began talking about the scale of zooming in and zooming out, with a picture of a couple who are laying down and they zoomed out as far out as the Milky way at 10(25). Then they zoomed in at 10(-15) through a hand and shown the insides of DNA – I found this part very interesting as it shows that we aren’t as small as we think we are – compared to the universe we’re as small as the atoms and microbes on our skin, if not smaller! I think it really puts it in perspective at the scale of everything. Sadly, it was at this point I got completely lost and couldn’t understand anything else – I’m not saying the lecture got boring or anything (Everyone wouldn’t stop asking questions it was that interesting!) but I couldn’t understand the majority of what he was showing up to that point. I look forward to the next lecture about Science and Art and I hope to learn a little bit more.

I have attached a picture of the nebula.



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