Michelle started the lecture with a very random video of a woman who was singing but it was obviously sped up as she sounded like a chipmunk, as the video went on it suddenly went to slow-mo and just turned scary, her voice went deep and could still barely hear the lyrics – the thing which was scarier was when it went into normal speed and her voice was normal, she sounded really upset and the song was in another language, then it quickly returned to the happy chipmunk-like voice again. I was confused by the start of the lecture as this wasn’t really brought up again and left me confused, but I found this video to be pretty powerful. The video was called “Pipilotti Rist – I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much” and I will attach a link to the video at the end of this post.

Michelle’s talk was all about a man called “Walter Benjamin” and from what I got from the whole lecture was the context of “Aura” around a certain object and this was brought up heavily in the seminar. She talked about how the power of reproduction changes our relationship with the original artwork, which I agree with but it does depend if you want the artwork to be exploited because once it hits the internet – EVERYONE can see it, copy/paste it as a whole new piece – I feel this makes the original twice as important as it was before, as people can try and fake it but it will never be the original – the copies could be in the hundreds – thousands even but you can never do a full perfect clone of the original. We got asked how we’d feel if our work got copied and me personally, I would be happy only if I was credited or known as the original artist, however knowing my work was so good to actually have someone make a copy and claim its there’s is very ego boosting. During the question time, I asked Michelle for her thoughts on “aura” and she never answered, she started talking about the aura and continued to talk in Walter’s view of it when I asked for hers, I was also pretty confused as to what aura meant and I have a fair few theories: Aura could either mean the feelings or presents that the piece gives off, could be warm fuzzy feelings, a feeling of sadness, nostalgia or any feeling in general with it just being in the room, being autonomous. My second theory is that “aura” could mean that it could be a piece which gives off a certain vibe like a religious item with all this meaning and value when in fact its just a standard not-moving object. The topic of objects giving off auras and the power of reproduction giving us a different relationship to an art piece is very interesting and I hope to discuss these topics in more depth in the future.

Pipilotti Rist – I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJgiSyCr6BY

Walter Benjamin


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