Brian Griffiths lecture was actually the most fun I’ve had in a lecture and I actually got a sense of “Time” in the Gravity lecture unlike some others.

First thing he did was get someone in the audience to announce every 15 minutes that 15 minutes had passed, this was to slow time down so when you are having fun keeping in mind that 15 minutes hasn’t passed, you’re having fun and time is not flying passed you which I thought was a very clever way of doing it and it really made sense as the lecture was both fun and slow. Brian started by showing an image of Bill Murray (In an amazing checkered patchy jacket!) I felt connected with Brian as his humour and way of thinking is very similar to mine, he created this huge computer like system out of random pieces of plastic and cardboard, it looked like it was straight out of a cartoon and you could hardly tell it was made of plastic and cardboard. He then showed us a piece he called “The Bone Shaker” which was this huge truck-like thing compiled of different shades/pieces of wood he had collected all over the world, the truck wasn’t even hollow – he had random holes placed around the truck with different objects in them which he collected throughout the world too, it was really interesting. He also created Death Masks out of Bill Murray’s face and made hundreds of them and each one of them had a different “disguise”, he could craft disguises out of the same Death Mask material and put it over the Death Masks, I thought this was pretty humorous but I couldn’t see any real link in the piece apart from the disguises were parts of time? Like one was Egyptian, one was Rome ect. He then showed us a piece he called “Beneath the Stride of the Giants” which was VERY similar to the Bone Shaker but instead of it being a truck, it was a ship with similar holes filled with things, however the things they were filled with was things he collected which had facial expressions and eyes which looked THROUGH you, not at you, I liked this piece a lot however my favourite piece had to be his London Underground sculpture – what he did was he put loads of destroyed-looking objects on one end of the platform and made like an obstetrical course for the imagination, this REALLY hit me hard as I love using my imagination and I could relate to this so much and I could tell if I saw it in person I would have a great time just, staring at it and pretending like Im doing the obstetrical course. As much as I loved the London Underground piece, it still left me wondering the health and safety hazards around the piece, in case people actually tried it out and got hurt really badly – however the materials he used may of looked old, but infact they weren’t he deliberately made them look old for an imaginative effect which added more to the imagination. I enjoyed every minute of Brian’s lecture and really hope to see more of his work updated, he was funny, he made sense and most importantly he made us all enjoy it, not to mention he made us enjoy it whilst somehow slowing time down – fantastic.

Pictures in the News: Cannes, France richard-drill1


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