Stephen Wilson. 19/03/15

“Amatteur Time, Kids, Youth & Transitivity.”

I enjoyed Stephens lecture he was a very cheery man, however some of the pieces he was showing was a little out of my interest range. My favourite topic in the lecture was where he started talking about an anime which is dedicated to the Japanese bombing, an anime about a guy called Astroboy “The Mighty Atom” – I loved how they took an horrendous event and made it into a cartoon, not mocking what happened but taking it as inspiration and showing the world what happened through a cartoon character. He showed us another piece which caught my eye, it was a room full of industrial waste and amongst the industrial waste was a hidden golden necklace – I forgot who made this piece but I do like it, the piece makes me think “The diamond in the rough” but instead its “gold in the waste”. These two pieces were really the only things that interested me during the lecture, I would of preferred to seeing some of his work as he claimed to do pieces himself yet, he never shown any and I felt rather disappointed but did enjoy the overall lecture.


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