Clunie Reid 17.3.15

I sadly didn’t get much from this lecture because there was a child behind me talking, which distracted me throughout the lecture however he left half-way through. Clunies work didn’t really interest me however I did appreciate the art that she made and the meaning behind them. The first thing she shown was a picture of two women laughing at two guys who were fast asleep – I couldn’t hear the meaning why because of the child, however I’m guessing she was backing up Men in general, this theory was boosted when she shown a picture with the caption “Trousers too tight, Heels too high” (2006). She then proceeded to show us some black and white images of naked women with edits over them she says she found on the internet, she exhibited them and displayed them using black tape which added more to what she was trying to display and using the tape was actually accidental which I found pretty interesting. She showed us an image of a guy laying on his side, an image I have seen on the internet before – shed edited this picture in many different ways because she loved it so much, I think she shown us 10 different edits of that image? It was very bizarre someone would find an image of a naked man laying down so fascinating. To bring her lecture to a close, she shown us a video of a rose dripping something, with loads of random flashing GIF images – some very pornographic but the pictures were on for not even a second, like a subliminal message – it left me with a headache but I found it very interesting. I did enjoy the lecture however I wish the child wasn’t so distracting, even when the child had left I found myself disinterested because I pretty much missed the start.



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