BEN JUDD. 12/3/15

Well firstly, great second name!

I found Bens lecture very interesting however, I felt it wasn’t explained as much as I would of liked it to of. He started off talking about Sea Cadets and how he see’s being a Sea Cadet as a “Constant Rehearsal” as they aren’t allowed to go out to sea, which is a pretty interesting point. He then quickly jumped to talking about Train Spotters and how he see’s them as people seperated from humanity, he went to Doncaster Train station with a camera and instead of taking photos of the trains, he took photos of the train spotters who were taking photos of the trains, a pretty clever project and then he jumped from that topic to visiting a Witch as he doesn’t believe in magic and all that. He sadly didn’t go into much detail with his experiences with working with the Sea Cadets, taking photographs of the train spotters or even how he really felt when talking to the Witch (Which he was warned not to go near by the locals…), the Witch told him to go in the shower with Eggs and Lime and to wash himself with them – he did that, came out and the Witch surrounded him with Eggs and Lime and performed a ritual using alcohol, he then jumped to his next topic  setting up his own religion which he didn’t talk about much, then jumped to “The Art of being Psychic”. He did a lot of topic jumping, some topics I didn’t really understand due to the lack of detail in the stories, when he was talking about the Psychics, Witches, Shamans and Magic, I found it really interesting because I’m a huge fan of the paranormal, he just stated he worked around it and gave no experience share of what he did and what not. I did really enjoy the lecture however I still feel dry and crave more detail to his stories.1932600_413774712114725_3815950612030075663_o


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