Unknown Lecturer. 25/11/14

We didn’t really catch her name (I think it was Venessa?) because she started the lecture off with “We all die alone at some point” which isn’t the best way to start a lecture, no greeting or anything just straight into the topic of death – no warning or anything, it was effective as everyone started listening almost instantly however, there may of been some people in the audience who find death to be a touchy topic, it deserves a warning. She started reading a poem left by someone who committed suicide, basically reading what was going through his head at the time as he battles out how he’s going to kill himself, from why he wants to do it to how he’s going to do it – it was a very good poem and I found myself really getting into it. There was a point where the guy talked about how he was thinking of using a gun to do it, however no one would of known truly what was going through his head in which the woman added “no pun intended”, I giggled at this as I was not expecting it, but it was nice to see a small bit of humour in a poem that’s so dark. Apparently the poem was put on a website after he had died, but then it was taken down for some unknown reason which I didn’t enjoy hearing. The whole lecture was mainly this lady reading out a poem written by a man who committed suicide, there wasn’t much else to take note of however it was worth being there to read the poem, no idea what it was called as she didn’t state the name so there’s no way I can add a link to the bottom of this post with the poem, as much as I would love to.


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