ROSE BUTLER. 5/2/15.

Rose Butler was a very interesting lecture, she shown us three videos each with their own different and unique style, I didn’t like the first one, found the second one okay and really liked the last one. The first one was a silent film about squares and transitions, basically the shapes would meld into each other and keep transitioning to different scenes followed by more squares, it was rinsed and repeated and I didn’t like how repetitive it was, however there were scenes where a square would act like it was afraid like it was alive, then it would transition and leave me confused. The second video was a one hour video of random video shots with an orchestra in the background – I could watch 5-10 minutes of it but not an hour and finally, a very strange short movie. The movie was about a man and a woman, the man seemed somewhat sexually frustrated and the film was very “dream-like”, there was a point where he wanted to touch her so she ran into the corner of the room and started pulling 2 Piano’s with dead donkey’s on the back of them and attached to them was 2 men clutching a rope, he started pulling these towards her – the pianos came out of nowhere and I theorise that this shows how frustrated he is, showing what he’d do to touch her. All of these films were black and white with different kinds of music in the background, I will add the links to the bottom of this post. This was a very short and sweet lecture as the majority of the time was showing these three videos, there was a few giggles from the randomness of sopme of the footage and Rose Butler talked about each film really well.

Rhythumus 21 (The video with the squares):
Vertov: Man with a Movie Camera (The one hour video of random shots):
Luis Bunuel: Un Chien andalou (Weird dream-like movie):


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