RORY PILGRIM. 10/03/15.

I admire Rory however his work was sadly not in my field of interest, I did really like the signs he had created and the musical too however he was very “political” and that really disinterests me. He started the lecture off with a little breathing exercise and made use pronounce a phrase through breathing – we ended up breathing out the phrase “What do we hope to become?” and from then on, he started his lecture – I found this method of starting a lecture really interesting as it had everyone relaxed and at the same time he had his starting point out in the open. He stated that he is a person first and everything else second which is a pretty inspiring quote, he then stated that he once had a stutter and recovered from it, he has a huge fascination with words and speech which revolves around his work. I fell in love with the lettering in his work, the way the words flow through his pieces are really outstanding and the attention to detail on the lettering’s alone are amazing. My favorite piece by him was his “I guess we are not ready for this yet, are we?” sign which has the most beautiful font and design I have ever seen in a sign, the meaning itself is also beautiful. One thing about his lecture I found rather humorous was the fact he spent 3 years learning Estonian and he has never done a speech there despite now knowing the language, a student in the crowd pointed this out and made the whole room giggle along with Rory, it was a lovely relaxing moment. I did enjoy some of his work, the way he had the words displayed on the signs really shows his love for words as they stood out beautifully, but found myself disinterested in the political side of the lecture which was near enough the entirety of the lecture. Overall lovely lecture but sadly gained nothing from it.asdfg


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