Oreet Ashry. 2/12/14

Oreet Ashery didn’t interest me as much as the other lecturers like David Clegg and Thomas Yeomans, I found her work intriguing and I found myself asking a lot of questions but I wasn’t really engaged in the lecture. I didn’t write many notes about Oreet because there wasn’t much for me to take notes of, however I did appreciate some of her fashion work – she made these ponchos out of these pieces of fabric and latex, almost like patchwork (One of my favourite kind of styles) all these ponchos came with weird hats and latex gloves, really looked odd and questionable but I appreciated them. Oreet’s work was at times very sexual however she only showed a few examples of these, some of her sexual work was under the name “Oreet Ashery’s Party of Freedom”, which again wasn’t my kind of thing however the majority of the audience loved her nudity work and I don’t blame them, there was some good pieces. My favourite piece by Ashery however has to be these structures which to me look like ships/boats. I really love these structures because of how bright and in-your-face they are, they’re made of plastic bags and other kinds of fabrics, much like her other work. I feel this style of work works way better as structures than clothing but that’s just my opinion.

Here is a link to Oreet Ashery’s “Party of Freedom”: WARNING, CONTAINS NUDITY. http://www.artangel.org.uk//projects/2013/party_for_freedom/about_the_project/about_the_project


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