I found this lecture interesting however it wasn’t her work I really liked, it was an artist she talked about called Tomas Saraceno who owns a Spider Farm along with many spider experts. They did experiments by putting various different spiders in the same farm and see how they would react – the spiders build a community, joined webs together however they would mind their own business by staying in a certain territory – like an apartment. She began to show more of Tomas’s work and they were amazing, everything was based on webs and the line-work of them, I love the concept of spider web artwork and having a community of bugs, seeing creatures live in certain areas in certain conditions is very interesting. She stated that Tomas wanted to put the spiders in a “weightless environment” and see how they cope and it got me really intrigued, I would love to see that. Tomas has inspired me to create a web-like art piece in the future and I very much look forward to doing so. She discussed other artists such as Olafur Elliasson, Chris Harrison and Lev Manovich but they didn’t really interest me apart from Olafur, they were all about data art which sadly isn’t my cup of tea but Olafur’s piece really caught my attention. Olafurs piece was in the Tate Modern Museum and all it was was a huge giant orange glowing ball in the air, what I loved about this piece was the visitors reaction to it – everyone started sun bathing despite it not being a sun, it was also apparently really cold in that room too which made it slightly ironic, but more interesting. There were even couples who leaned on the ledge, near enough the same hight as this ball – made it look really romantic, like a never ending sun set it was beautiful. I really wish I was at the museum at the time this was displayed, I love the use of coloured lights in dark rooms, especially if they give off a relaxing vibe. Lise started talking about her piece, I preferred the other artists but I liked hers more than Chris and Levs data art – Lise’s piece was called “The Foghorn Requiem” which was basically them and the locals saying good bye to a foghorn which was getting shut down. She wanted to play sounds from an orchestra and have ships in the sea blasting their horns followed by the foghorn – I cant word it the way she does as it makes more sense when she talks about it however I see what she wanted to do and she did it brilliantly. She wanted 100 ships in the ocean however she only managed to get 60, which is a pretty big amount for one project – some of the 60 vessels were from the north east took part in the project, there was 3000 people on the ships and 1000 people on land, observing this event. The turn out shows that this was a successful project, I will leave a link to this project at the bottom of this post.

The Foghorn Requiem:


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