IAN KIAER. 12/2/15.

I really enjoyed Keith’s lecture, he created a very bubbly and cheery atmosphere – something we all needed in the morning lecture. He started by showing some of his own pieces, which I really admired – one of my favourite piece of his was the puddle, he basically gained permission by the council and dented the pavement in Bradford, so when it rains it would create a little puddle, however after doing this the reaction he got from the locals was hilarious and he too shared a giggle, people were outraged saying how it was wrong to do it and that “We don’t want to be in a city of puddles!” all this uproar because of a single puddle, it was genius. My overall favourite piece was his Olympic structures which towered out of the water, they were all different colours and they were a thing of beauty. He loves the fact that they will age and change colour over time as well which I wouldn’t want, I’d want them to remain bright coloured throughout the ages and not change ever, keep them looking fresh but each to their own. I would love to see structures like that jotted around the city, like going up from the ground then turn and connect to the building like an ‘L’ shape, something that you could just swing off of and just have fun with, would look very pretty and would be a very fun structure. He shown us many more pieces he did but then he started talking about other artists and this is when he got really giddy and excited, he started talking about the stories behind a certain piece and how he gained humour from them, he told us the story of a sarcophagus which had holes in it, any artist could of put them there however, they were put there when someone made it into a bathtub so the water could drain out – someone used this sacred tomb as a bathtub, its so funny its genius. Another story he enjoyed telling us was he had this bench in the museum, someone sat on it and accidentally fouled himself – behind the bench was a very sexualised male sculpture which made this story even more hilarious. I really enjoyed Keith’s lecture and hope to see more of him in the future.


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