The lady who owns the Site Gallery started things off by really hyping this woman up, saying that they’re honoured to have Graces work in their gallery and much like everyone else, I got excited to see what she was about. Grace started off the lecture with a very interesting quote “As long as you make good work, someone will pick it up”, I really liked that quote as it just makes you want to work really hard on whatever you’re working on knowing that someday someone will see it and want it. Graces lecture to me wasn’t that interesting, in fact the way she worded things had me very confused however the pictures and videos she shown were pretty good and I really liked them. She started off with her feature length film (Which is featured in the Site Gallery: 10th January – 28th February 2015) which I found really interesting, the actors/dancers she chosen were really good and worked with the piece really well however, even when they started speaking I didn’t know what was going on. The 8 dancers were dressed in pure white clothing and they had random things attached to them (Whether they were random or not, I was confused as to why but I feel as though there is a reason behind them) a girl had a tree trunk attached to her side (Which was printed on cardboard), a man had loads of lace draping off of his right side and another man had what seems to be snowflake-like wings on his back. After a bit of slow dancing, they zoomed out to reveal the stage in what seems to be a park of some kind, then they started talking and could really only make out 2 voices out of the 8, I cant remember what was said but I can remember still remaining confused if not more. Grace then stated that she doesn’t like ballet and neither do her dancers, this I found interesting as ballet is a really meaningful, beautiful and expressive way of dancing – if anything I think the dancing would of been more appreciated if it were in a ballet fashion but maybe they didn’t want to give too much a way through their dancing. She then shown us what goes on when she’s writing the scripts, moves and costumes – you can tell she puts a lot of effort in her work with her scripts and drawings which goes to show that the quote “As long as you make good work, someone will pick it up” is actually true and its the reason why she is famous. I loved her drawings of the dancers in the dance positions as just “pieces”, the colour she used is beautiful and the poses certainly complimented the colouring and overall design, if she made a huge piece on just those sketches, I feel that would be a fantastic piece. She then shown us what appeared to be an empty room however she zoomed in and there was writing all over the walls, couldn’t really make out what was written although she did explain that she wrote questions, every question she could think about – an example was “How do Germans deal with German history?”, I liked this room of questions and I loved how the writing was hard to see – would of loved to of seen some of her dancer drawings on the wall though. She did some vases that really didn’t interest me, she did talk about them for a good while but I couldn’t understand her that well due to the way she worded them. Finally, she shown us a piece where a girl is hanging horizontally about 20cm off of the ground in a red dress asleep, in the corner was someone dressed as a magician who will dance four times every 40 minutes – she explained that this was like the whole “Magician sawing the beautiful assistant in half” concept which I found very interesting. After a few hours and the actors left, all that was left was the wires dangling down and the red dress on the floor where she was laying, I found this picture to be a great follow up to that piece and felt it was needed to finish it perfectly. To conclude, I still don’t really understand what she’s trying to say in her work – I heard her mention “freedom of narrative” a lot but apart from that I got nothing, I appreciated the beauty of her pieces and feel privileged to of seen her and her work.


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