EMMA BIGGS. 05/03/15.

Emma was a very very lively and “hyper” character, she really got excited with her presentation and as much as I admirer her enthusiasm, I found myself lost in the lecture not knowing which pieces were hers and which weren’t, because of this I got overwhelmed with information and just shut down into my own world. I did find her “Made in England” piece rather fascinating though, I really liked it – the fact that a piece of her work is now permanently displayed on the walls of a gallery is really amazing, I would love to have a piece of mine permanently placed in an area, like a piece of me will live on forever I find that concept rather beautiful. I find mosaic a really beautiful form of art, same with stained glass windows which she showed a lot of, I found the other pieces that inspired her to be very interesting and made me really want to create a mosaic piece which I may do in the future. After talking to my friends about the lecture and they all really enjoyed it and I can see why, her enthusiasm really kept the audiences attention and they loved it.


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