I found Andrews lecture really interesting, its about a topic I don’t really enjoy listening/talking about – Politics. He talked about the “Occupy” movement, a movement of people who are against Capitalism. I really wanted to see actual created pieces about Occupy and/or Capitalism but sadly, he didn’t have any. My friend pointed out that his artwork is discussing the movement of Occupy and you don’t need actual pieces for it to be art, which I feel is very true and also made me view the whole lecture in a different way. He told us many stories of Occupy and one story stood out to me, its apparently on film and somewhere online but I can’t seem to find it. Its about a student who was at a meeting with people who are obviously supporting Capitalism, the student poured water all over the main talkers water, crumpled up the papers then threw it at the main talker. The main talker said “Why did you do that? What do you want?” and the student responded with “What gives you the right to ask that question? What gives you the right to demand an answer? The fact that you’re asking me is showing you have the power and I refuse to give you power by not answering your question” – I found this very interesting because after thinking about it more, it really does put you in position of power when you ask a question because you’re expecting an answer from someone, its optional that they answer of course but its extremely rare to find someone who will refuse to answer to not give you the satisfaction. Occupy is about people coming together – Unity, as he put it, they also have a slogan of “We are the 99%”, he claims the 1% is doing enormous harm to the community and the world, they’re responsible for many things such as explosive population growth, ocean dead zones, losses of biodiversity, pollution, deforestation, climate change, melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels. Andrew states that “Artists are the most free people in the world” and “shouldn’t sell their work for free”, however a lady in the audience gave a great question on this topic (Andrew even gave her a round of applause) she said that when an artist is getting started and makes work for free, as they get better they want to start selling their work but they cant, because there will always be an artist out there doing work for free thus not receiving the money – Andrew of course claims that is the fault of capitalism. The Occupy movement went to festivals where people donated and even offered to help them out, Andrew himself went to festivals to spread the word of Occupy and he even recruited many and received loads of donations, showing that this is a pretty serious and big movement. He gave us a few artists to look at, artists that inspire Occupy and are against Capitalism, some of these artists are Mike Nitrevic Latvia, Walead Beshty, Steve McQueen and even one of my past lecturers who I’ve wrote about – Oreet Ashry. He brought the lecture to an end by showing a very interesting video – the video was of a woman who through her life learned to play many many instruments, she was playing the worlds oldest found bone as a flute and unknown to her, in the same room there was a vulture which is a bird which holds the worlds oldest DNA, as she played it and showed the reaction of the vulture it was very strange, because if I watched that not knowing about the facts about the bone and vulture I wouldn’t be as interested as I was then. Overall a very interesting lecture, taught me a lot about politics and what capitalism is.

Link to the video of the vulture and oldest bone ( Allora&Calzadilla):


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