Andrew Burton. 27/11/14

Andrew Burton was a very interesting lecturer as was his work. Andrew had an obsession with bricks and walls and his work revolved around those 2 topics, mainly together – brick walls. He loves ceramics and he built little bricks and made walls out of them in clever ways, he started using different materials such as glass, actual bricks and poo from cows which I thought was very clever. He moved to India for a bit and helped ladies build houses with cow poo and the structures they made were beyond amazing, despite what they were made of it was very inspirational. My favourite piece by him was his glass walls, which I sadly couldn’t find a image of – they looks like crystals because of the dimensions of the bricks, it was so beautiful – the fact that he uses beautifully crafted glass bricks and cow poo as two separate materials, shows how different his ranges of materials are. When building his walls, he sometimes paints a few individual bricks a different colour and puts them near each other and it works so well. One piece that really caught my attention was this structure he built out of small bricks, it was strange because it looks really sturdy however, the bottom of the structure is thick and it gets fatter as it goes up – my tutor Julie said something really interesting linked to this, she said that if you broke a vase, the first thing you’ll want to do is locate the bottom of the vase in hope that its still in tact so you can glue the pieces from the bottom up, not from the top down, this is because the bottom of the vase is wider and should be the most sturdiest, this is what gets me about this piece that Andrew built:


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