Thomas Yeomans 20/11/14

Thomas Yeoman’s lecture was very interesting and really up my street, his artwork was basically videos that he created but there was a lot controversy around him taking footage and not crediting the people, we’ll get to that near the end.
Thomas Yeoman states he is influenced by sounds, videos and music which are important factors when it comes to video art. He showed us some of his early work which were really just mashes of random clips with music behind them, some where pretty good and some were a bit tedious, he then started talking about a topic I could relate to and that was Kony 2012. I fell for this scam sadly but it was cleverly put together. It was about finding this man called Kony who lived in Uganda Central Africa who kidnaps children and manipulates them to kill their parents, it was a huge petition to get him found because his army of children was growing – he would make the boys soldiers and the girls sex slaves. However by the end of 2012, the creator of the whole thing (The Invisible Children) was found naked dancing in front of traffic – showing it was a huge scam and he talked about how powerful videos can be, The Invisible Children received 10.3 MILLION dollars in donations, that’s how big this scam was – a video to Kony 2012 will be at the bottom of this post. He then showed us a few viral videos, videos that gained popularity very quickly and a fan based – he showed the famous “I’m in my mums car, broom broom” video and a video of someone putting dance music over a boat crash, had everyone in the lecture room laughing – these too will be at the bottom of the post. I really liked his lecture however I do disagree with the fact he didn’t credit the original content creators however I can see why he didn’t, his work looks like it would be spoiled if it had credits and not only that, there were about 3 minutes long and the clips would be a second long (if that) and that’s a lot of crediting. Thomas Yeomans has very powerful work and would love to keep updated with his videos.

KONY 2012:
“I’m in my mums car” video:
Boat Crash Video:
Thomas Yeomans website:


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