David Cotterrell 20/11/14

David Cotterrell had some very interesting pieces however, there was only really one that I really liked and as for the rest I found it hard to take notes from. He also had a very interesting title, he had the words “Britain’s Last Painter” before his name which makes you think he is the last painter of Britain, I don’t know why but I found this very distracting as it kept making me think “Why?”. The one piece that I really liked was his property in the river, what he did was basically build a fence in a square shape surrounding nothing in a river, with a “FOR SALE” sign right next to it. He even put an add in the paper saying its for sale, with descriptions saying things like “Great view of the river” and people turned up and saw it, he shown us video footage of people turning up and the reactions were very interesting – some were laughing and giggling, some were angry and swore aloud and some people just shrugged and walked away, it was very interesting. I also love the humor behind it, I loved the great lengths he went to just for this joke, however to me and to many more I thought it was pretty clever. I saw this project as an Art piece and he “tricked” people to come and appreciate it, whereas some people may not of appreciated it, he still got people to take time out of their lives to view it and I thought it was very clever and well thought out and the best thing is, he’s done this more than once.

Here are pictures of the For Sale signs in the water with the fences:



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