You sadly get lecturers who don’t present their name, which is really annoying.

This lecturer was pretty interesting however the subject wasn’t my cup of tea. Her work revolved around faking other peoples handwriting which is pretty interesting and worth listening about. She told us that she once copied a famous artists handwriting however the artist was left handed and was slowly going blind which I thought was interesting as you can just imagine trying to write like you’re going blind and you can just imagine what the hand writing must look like. She used the term “Restoration” a lot during her lecture, Restoration means: “Seeing something seemless from a distance but as you get closer you see its fake.” and because most of her work was basically fake, the term was very relevant. I’m indifferent with her work being “art” because copying someone else isn’t really original or unique, in fact depending how you use it, it can be theft.  She also did some writing in flower petals,she sculpted messages into flower petals that are so small you’d need a magnifying glass to read them – this particular subject got my attention because its certainly different and writing something very small on such a fragile surface must of taken a very long time, I just wish I knew her name so I could of researched her a bit and maybe even find a picture of the flower petals. She also told us about a man named Albert who was the first person to of taken LSD, he described the experience/trip as “a way to save mankind” which asks a lot of questions like, what did he see? What made him think what he saw could save mankind? It was an interesting lecture, I just wish I caught her name so I could of done some research on her.


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