THE BEACON PROJECT: The Tea-Riffic Lighthouse.

The Beacon Project was a project in which we had to create a piece inspired by a lighthouse/beacon, you could paint, draw or even build this project so I was very excited to get started on this piece. I was trying to think of what to do for my project and many ideas were clashing with others, I wanted to give Painting a go however this was my first proper project and I wanted it to go as smoothly as possible, make something that I’m used to so it goes swimmingly, so I decided to make a structure. I started collecting these Cups from Wellies and I’m slowly building a wall around my desk with them, however I had a cup of tea from the Cantor building in a cardboard cup but the cup was black, therefore did not fit in well with my wall (The cups I’m using are a beige color) which gave me an idea – a Tea Beacon.

My collection so far:


After knowing I was going to use this black cardboard cup, I began to wonder how I could make it a beacon and I gained an idea, I could cut holes in the front and back of the cup, shine a light through the back so the light exits through the front – thus making it a beacon, I fell in love with this idea and more ideas began to flow. One of my favorite ideas was to buy a Prism and place it in the cup, so when the light shines through the back, it’ll go through the Prism and out of the front would exit a Rainbow, now that idea got me more excited as my artwork is mainly bright colors and rainbow-like designs. One of my tutors, Julie said that she loved the idea, however considering my work is all bright and colorful already, why not try something different? Now that got me thinking and it got me thinking about why I started drinking tea in the first place and the first figure that came to my mind was my Grandfather – Granddad Terry.

Granddad Terry used to make the most perfect cups of teas I’d ever drank, to the point where I’d stay over at my grandparents house just to drink his perfect brews. My granddad had a lot to do with my tea addiction and when he passed away, I made it my admission to make the best teas ever and I’ve been told by many that I do make the best teas ever. The thought got me a tad emotional because I realized why I strive to make the best tea ever and it was because of my granddad, so I decided to dedicate this project to him. However, with what I planned to do and with the little time I had left and short amount of supplies I had, I couldn’t persue my idea so I had to go down a different road. My granddad used to be obsessed with football and his favorite team was Manchester United, because I stayed with him a lot he got me supporting them (I can’t stand football however I still support them in his honor), so I was going to get some transparent red and yellow paper (The colors of Manchester United) and place them over the front of the cup, so when light shines through, the colors Red and Yellow would shine through, however I couldn’t find the paper I was looking for and sadly couldn’t do it. I tried using felts over clingfilm but that too, failed on me so I decided to take a different road.

I thought I could create a “scene”, I got a huge sheet of paper, placed my cup in the corner and started folding other sheets of paper of the main bit to make it look bumpy, I then began to paint the paper mixed shades of blue and white to make it look like water, while the folded parts look like waves. Whilst the paper was still wet, I used some yellow paint and made it look like their was a beam of light coming from the beacon, reflecting in the water. At this point I thought I was finished when I gained another idea – I bought an umbrella around this time and placed in over my piece to give it a shade, making it look like a dark and stormy night – I loved this effect and decided to add more to it, I started cutting out pieces of paper and made some cartoon clouds, I then made a cartoon ship and a cartoon whale (Which was stuck on the handle of the umbrella) and I loved it. After finishing my piece, I felt it was time to have a celebratory cup of tea in the studio – whilst squeezing the round teabag, I was hit by a spark of inspiration – I have a somewhat tea-themed piece going on, why not replace all of the paper cartoon pieces with teabags? I grabbed the teabags and remade the clouds, ship and whale out of the teabags and there we have it, my Beacon Project!

Sadly, whilst sorting out my desk, the Tea-Riffic Lighthouse piece fell to the floor and got destroyed and ruined, so their is now physical structure of this piece anymore, only photos.

Here is a picture of my Beacon Project:



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