Mel Brimfield and Gwyneth Herbert 18/11/14 TRANSMISSIONS

Mel and Gwyneth did a very interesting lecture as their work was pretty different, Mel is the artist whereas Gwyneth is a singer/song writer, together they created their own musical called “Barbra and Henry – The Musical”, the musical is about the imagined relationship of revered sculptors Henry Moore and Barbra Hepworth. Mel and Gwyneth actually did a two day free composition and music workshops for the students, they brought this up during the lecture and were very egar to get students involved, which I thought was pretty useful for students who also making their own music. I couldn’t find anything else about their work apart from their musical – Mel and Gwyneth did some structure work and I couldn’t find any samples on the internet, but I can remember their structures being my favorite part of their lecture.

Here’s a link to the Site Galleries website which holds a video of an interview of Mel Brimfield and Gwyneth Herbert talking to Laura Sillars:

This is a picture of their musical “Barbra and Henry – The Musical”:



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