FRANKENSTEIN PROJECT: The Depressing Tale of Boggy Barry the Over-Positive Abomination.

The Frankenstein Project is basically a fun name given to what the project is about, much like Frankenstein’s monster who is made up of different parts of different people, the Frankenstein Project is about taking 2 or more inspiring pieces and melding them into one piece. The description of this project got me very excited, not to mention we were going to London to look for inspiration from all the galleries. We went to the Tate Modern Museum and I was inspired by a certain piece, because I like creatures and monsters, one of Francis Bacon’s 3-piece paintings caught my attention, it was basically this one creature in all three paintings in different positions looking like it was in pain, it was really chilling but I loved it. My second inspired piece was a series patchwork-like structures which looked really soft and cuddly in this small gallery which I didn’t get the name of, however the artist was called Jonathan Baldock. I decided to create a creature called Boggy Barry and write a story about him, which was inspired by these 2 pieces.

Here’s Francis Bacons Three-Piece “Three Studies of Figures at the base of the Crucifix” and the patchwork pieces:


Firstly before I show you the production, here is the Depressing Tale of Boggy Barry the Over-Positive Abomination:

Once upon a time, there lived a genius scientist called Doctor Gigglesworth. Dr. Gigglesworth was a scientist who was greatly respected by everyone, he created a successful antidote that cured depression, he’s a part time clown, he donates his earnings to charity and lives on nothing but jam sandwiches and coffee, in which he shares with the homeless and hungry. Dr Gigglesworth was getting really old and his main fear was when he’s gone, will people slip back into sadness? Will the hungry go without food? His earnings will only go so far so, will there be no money for the charities? These questions scared Dr. Gigglesworth, however he came up with a great idea! If he created an everlasting clone of himself which could work for the rest of its life, discovering new cures, donating to charity and feeding the hungry – he can pass peacefully knowing someone is doing what he did best. Immediately, Dr. Gigglesworth started a cloning experiment but every single one of them failed and he was getting no-where close, he felt weaker each passing week but he held on so he can create this perfect clone. He started thinking maybe a clone is the wrong way to go; maybe he should create an actual creature and teach it to be good, fill it with liquid love and positive emotions and make its appearance bright, colourful and soft for the children to play with. Dr. Gigglesworth got very excited so he started the creation right away! A few days later, Dr. Gigglesworth had created a four legged creature he called “Beloved Barry” (The Sponge creature on the left), he made it so Barry could stand on his back legs and use his front legs as arms to give the best hugs ever, his mouth was wide so he can give the biggest smile, his skin was as soft as sponge so he’s really huggable and his voice was happy and high, so he could sing lullabies to the children. Barry was also incredibly smart so he could think up some amazing ideas which could help cure certain diseases and disorders, he was immensely strong so he could give piggy back rides to the children and help the town build structures. Dr. Gigglesworth realized that if a creature was way too positive, it could lead to serious disobedience so Dr. Gigglesworth put spikes in Barry’s insides which ooze out liquid negativity – whenever Barry gets too excited, the spikes will ooze out negative feelings to calm Barry down. Barry wasn’t born yet as he was in his container slowly growing, Dr. Gigglesworth started crying tears of joy at his creation, realizing that humanity will be forever thankful to him for the birth of Beloved Barry the Happy-go-lucky Creature. However, Barry awoke in his container early, his eyes widened at the sight of Dr. Gigglesworth, Barry started getting excited at the sight of his creator and he struggled to get out to give him a hug, the machinery and wires which Barry was attached to started holding him down, Dr. Gigglesworth panicked and tried to stop the machine however the machines malfunctioned and grabbed hold of Barry in attempt to control him, Barry struggled and the machines claw went into Barrys mouth and pulled him inside out, the chamber was full of blood and a deep screaming was heard from inside the chamber. Dr. Gigglesworth was deeply saddened by the scream and what he just witnessed, although he heard footsteps in the chamber and creepy giggling moments later, Dr. Gigglesworth was overjoyed at the fact that his creation was a success as Barry did not die. The chamber smashed open and out of the smoke, Barry appeared. His appearance was heavily different to before (The creature on the right in the picture), he was pretty much flesh, he had yellow spikes piercing out of his body oozing out liquid negativity and his voice was a lot deeper. Dr. Gigglesworths expression suddenly changed from joy to fear, for in front of him looked like a grotesque monster! Dr. Gigglesworth ran to the door as fast as his weak muscles could take him in attempt to escape, Barry saw the panic expression on Dr. Gigglesworths face and he wanted nothing more, than to cuddle him and make him feel better. Barry then stampeded towards Dr. Gigglesworth, screaming in a deep spine-shivering voice. Barry then stood up on his back legs, wrapped his arms around Dr. Gigglesworth and with his immense strength crushed bones in Giggleworths body, causing his whole skeletal system to collapse – killing him slowly and painfully. Barry being overly-positive, had no idea he ended the life of his creator, in fact he thought he was filling Dr. Gigglesworth with happiness, making him feel safe. The spikes on Barry started oozing out the black negative liquid, but because they’re on the outside of Barry, little ooze could get to him thus maintaining his over-positive stance. Barry left the facility singing a happy tune, promising Dr. Gigglesworths corpse that he’ll be back home for dinner. Barry skipped through the town amongst the screaming pedestrians, knowing not what Barry’s intentions were or where he came from, they thought he was a random monster who wanted to terrorise and scare everyone when really; Barry just wanted to play, hug and sing with everyone. Barry had bottles thrown at him, he received verbal abuse and was even attacked by the guards however, Barry being so positive did not view them as attacks in fact he thought it was a big game. So Barry started whistling and singing a happy tune, hugging/crushing citizens of the town, his spikes would ooze out constant negativity which would splash over pedestrians, filling them with depression making them care not that a monster is on a killing spree, if you survived Barry’s loving spree whilst under this negative oozes effect, chances are you’ll end your own life. Considering Barry cannot be killed, he spends his days travelling from town to town, killing innocent people spreading chaos and world-wide panic when he really thinks he’s spreading happiness and joy. If people spent time examining Barry’s behaviour and maybe studied it, maybe they could calm him down and make him the creature he was supposed to be? However at first glance of his fleshy appearance everyone assumes he’s just an ugly monster who wants to kill. Maybe if people stopped judging him by his appearance and took the time to know him, maybe capture him and test as to why he’s doing this then maybe he could be helped. What must it be like ending the lives of many, destroying towns and feeling like you are doing the right thing? Killing people when you think you’re making them happy? Being hated when you think you’re being loved? Barry continues his carnage believing he’s being nice, blinded by positivity.
This has been the tale of Boggy Barry the Over-Positive Abomination, a misunderstood creature who just wants to spread happiness.

I’ve never written a depressing story before, however I enjoyed writing this and building the sculptures to go with it, here is the production of Boggy Barry as a sculpture:

When I was about 15, I started experimenting with other forms of artwork and one method which I have stuck by for years, has been Tooth Picks and Sponges, I would create creatures using them, using the tooth picks to attach the sponges together, here is an example of a Duck I made of out Sponges and Tooth picks. (I even gave it googly eyes!):


I wanted to reuse this technique and because sponges usually come in different colors (Green, Red and Yellow) I figured it would make it look like patchwork, part of my inspiration. After having a long hard think I settled on a design so, I began building Barry with the tooth picks and sponges. Once he was built I then started mod-rocking him which was quite a task as the water kept drying out through the sponges, making it hard for certain places to attach limbs but I got through it.Once the modrock had dried, I pierced the modrock with tooth picks to add spikes on Barry, to make him look more threatening (And because he’s inside out which means, the spikes are now on the outside).

Here’s a picture of Boggy Barry completely covered in modrock with tooth picks sticking out, next to a small version of himself:


Once he was constructed and covered in modrock, I began to paint him now – because Boggy Barry is inside out, I wanted him to have a Fleshy appearance so the color scheme was going to be reds and dark purples. I decided to give him dark pink lips with dark purple eye-sockets, really give him that horrific look. I then proceeded to color the spikes in yellow, to make it stand out.

This is Boggy Barry nearly completed:


I was heavily pleased with how this turned out. To make him look even more freaky, I gave him a muscular torso on what appears to be his throat – obviously he was designed to give the kids piggy back rides and carry heavy things for building so, him having a very strong neck was needed. My friend Hannah gave me a great suggestion and said that to make him look even scarier, I should give him like human toes or something, in which I did. I bought some purple fake nails from Poundland and placed them on his toes. I was heavily loving where this was going. After all the paint dried, I decided it was time to stick on the eyes:


It was this point where I thought I was finished, then after having a discussion about the project with the group we brought up the importance of “Texture”, now Modrock even when painted is really rough and isn’t very nice, but how could I make it feel more uncomfortable? I had an idea and I think it worked really well – once glue dries, it becomes really smooth and whats worse than feeling something rough? Feeling something that goes from smooth to rough in random places so – I decided to dowse Barry in glue in certain areas, to make him very patchy:


And then once he dried up….


As you’ve probably noticed, I have done a painting of Boggy Barry aswell, this was just a last minute addition before I thought he was finished. I wanted to implement the little sponge version of him somewhere but he looks too “odd”, so I decided to buy more sponges and build him the exact size as the modrock version, so it shows that this is what he was supposed to be like and I even painted the same style painting but obviously the opposite.


And thats the entire production story of Boggy Barry the Over-Positive Abomination. I put my all into this piece because I generally felt inspired and passionate about getting Boggy Barry’s story and sculptures done. Finally, this project (The two sculptures) got accepted into the Level 4 Exhibition for students – “So Far So Good”, I was very pleased to read this and got very excited and here is the final picture of Boggy Barry the Over-Positive Abomination in the So Far So Good exhibition:



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