Sophie Molins 23/10/14

Sophie Mollins and her lecture was very interesting and smart, she would talk about the death of her mother which is a very sad and deep topic, which lead to a lot of creative and dark pieces. One piece that stood out to me was this piece where she got her mothers things, scanned them to the computer, make a 3D model of them  and then made a website dedicating it to her mother with the items in, each click would take you to another memory of her mother and it was really touching. I found the website and I shall link it at the bottom of this post followed by a picture, I recommend looking at it and browsing as its a really nice experience. She also talked about her friend Alister who too was an artist who specialized in rocks, she seemed to talk about him a lot and shown us a few photos and a video of him and his pieces, however she didn’t show us links or the web addresses so I struggled to go back and watch them for myself, especially when I didn’t know his second name.

Sophie Molins website:

Sophie Molins on Vimeo:

A printscreen from Sophie Molins website:



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