Simon and Tom Bloor 21/10/14

We had these two young gentlemen talk to us about their work, which was actually really cheery and beautiful. They specialized in “Play Sculptures” in which they would build things for kids to play on, during one of their exhibitions they displayed a few black shapes onto a wall and let people draw on it which I thought was amazing as its basically putting fun into their artwork, shows their work can be enjoyed in a physical manner as well as visual. This has gave me ideas to erect my own Play Sculpture at some point and considering my work is usually all bright colours, I imagine the sculpture looking really inviting. Some of their work is scattered around the world, just bars and stepping stones in places where the public would walk, so if you’re on your way to work or school, you can hop on the stones or swing on the pole, these two really stood out to me as I love art like this.

This is a picture of Simon and Tom Bloor in front of one of their Play Pieces:



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