Chloe Brown 23/10/14

Chloe Brown was pretty interesting, she did a bit of taxidermy (Stuffed dead animals) and some of her work was pretty cool and really made you think. She bought some of her daughters teachers stools and desks and covered them with stuffed Mice, which I thought was a very cool thing to do as the poses the mice were in were very questionable, poses that I don’t think mice actually do. She then started saying that she did movies and one of her movies was actually really interesting, it was about Stray Dogs. The video was basically of stray dogs wandering the streets, getting stroked by random people, being fed and looked after by passing strangers. These dogs would be picked up by the pound, snipped and have a tag in its ear to show its been to the pound, people would be reminded to leave water and food for the stray dogs and people would actually go out of their way to do this, which was really heart warming. Chloe also shared with us another story when she worked at the Zoo, they had a Mentally ill Tiger in an enclosure and it would spend its day pacing around in a circle, occasionally coming up to the window screen, stare at everyone right in the eyes and would then would continue pacing in the same place. She then said there was a woman who would visit this Tiger every day and would say that she has some kind of mental connection with the Tiger, she feels as though the Tiger loves her and there’s some kind of emotional bond between them, Chloe said she found this amusing because she believed the woman too, was “mental”. She showed us another video of nice music being played followed by some dancers, this video wasn’t as interesting as the stray dogs video as it wasn’t explained as to why the people were dancing, at least with the stray dogs video you knew what it was about, there was a lot of questionable scenes in the dancing video though, although isn’t that what art is about?

This is one of Chloe’s taxidermy pieces:





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